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OBT who's birth name is Adigun Samson Adeyinka was born on February 4 1995 in Kwara state, Nigeria to a Christian family. OBT which is an abbreviation of Omo Baba Teacher which means son of a teacher in Yoruba language grew up listening to gospel and juju music, his huge influence to music was his father who is a great music lover. He grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and at the tender age of 12 he self-taught himself how to play drums and after secondary educations had a group of friends that compose and play music together till date. He later developed into music production with the use of workstation FL studio. His first song ever "my mama say" was released in 2015 while studying music production in Braamfontein, South Africa. In his own words he's at the inception of his career and creating exemplary music.

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